When it comes time to clean the car, many drivers will start with the exterior and then move on to the inside. However, it can be smart to get inside and clean out all the dust and dirt before you even think about washing the outside of the vehicle. This way, none of the particles will settle on the freshly cleaned surface of your car.

If there are any stains in the upholstery, you can use a foaming cleaner to get them out. Rub the cleaner into the stained area with a damp sponge, and after letting it sit for a while, blot out the cleaner with paper towels or a dry rag, but be sure not to use too much cleaner as it could cause mildew to form. There are different cleaning products to suit any car, whether the interior is leather, polyester or cloth, so be sure to purchase the right stuff for your vehicle at the auto parts store.

If the upholstery has a burn, you can cut out the affected area and then get a similar sized piece from a less visible area, such as underneath a seat. Then, you can put the unburned piece of fabric over the hole as a patch and use a water-resistant glue to bond it in place.